The Best Apologetic is Also the Oldest!

I’m often asked “What is the best apologetic argument?”, and in almost every case, after a few questions, it’s clear that the real question is “All of this apologetics stuff is just too overwhelming. Can you give me a single, easy to remember argument that I can use whenever I have to defend the faith?

Before I give you the answer that I’m sure most of you expect, please read this post to the end; there is an apologetic argument that you MUST use in EVERY defense of the Gospel, but I don’t think it is what you expect me to tell you.

The short answer to the question is “no”. There is no single argument, approach, or apologetic philosophy that is suitable for every instance in which you will be required to defend the Gospel and the Christian worldview. If you take the time to think about it, that should be obvious.

Even in the short time I’ve been writing this blog, we’ve covered topics that range from philosophy to physics and almost everything in between: history, literary criticism, archaeology, biology, astronomy, and logic being a few. To try and craft a single, all-purpose argument against attacks from such varied and numerous disciplines would be not only foolish, but counterproductive as well.

Any argument covering such a vast array of subject matter would end up being the size of a college textbook, and would be anything but easy to remember!

The best apologetic argument you can use is the one that most specifically addresses the objection to which you are responding coupled with the oldest apologetic used in the Christian faith; the one that MUST be used in every situation.

It isn’t an apologetic in the popular sense of a specific argument presented to refute an objection or confirm a specific Biblical premise. It is much more than that, and takes much more study, practice, prayer, and intentional action than any other apologetic.

Modeled throughout the book of Acts, this ‘all – purpose’ apologetic is simple to state, but takes constant discipline to present. Are you ready for it? Good – here it is:

The clear proclamation of the Gospel coupled with a consistent living as a committed and serious disciple of Christ.

That’s it. If a consistent commitment to demonstrate a devotion and obedience to Jesus the Christ regardless of consequence is not seen in the presenter, no other apologetic argument will have significant impact on the audience. If your ‘walk’ doesn’t match your ‘talk’, then any defense of that which you, for all appearances, do not yourself  believe will persuade no one.

So, learn to defend the faith with as many apologetic tools as you can, follow Christ, and as Pongo often encourages us – serve your Lord with boldness!