Deity of Jesus

Essentials #6 and #7 – The Sinlessness, Humanity, and Deity of Christ

This time around, we’ll take a look at two of the essential teachings of the Christian faith, which are:

1. The infallibility of the Bible in the original manuscripts
2. God’s sovereign rule over all creation
3. Human depravity
4. The necessity of God’s grace
5. The virgin birth
6. Christ’s sinlessness
7. The full humanity and deity of Christ
8. The atoning death, burial, and resurrection of Christ
9. The triunity of God
10. The necessity of faith
11. Christ’s second coming, final judgement and reign.

The first of these two, the sinlessness of Christ, is necessary for the two doctrines following on the list to be true. If Jesus is not sinless, then he cannot be Deity (more on that later), and His death, burial, and resurrection would have no effect on whether we are saved from God’s wrath or not. Continue reading