Quick Thought : Who Can Baptize?

I was rather surprised that the question of who is authorized to perform baptism came up twice in a matter of a few days recently. It is a question that I’ve never been asked before!

So, briefly, here’s my answer.

Although many denominations restrict ‘baptizers’ to clergy, in Scripture that isn’t the case. Baptisms are performed by priests, prophets, apostles, and those who have no specified leadership position in the church.

My conclusion from this is that any disciple of Christ is authorized to baptize anyone who wishes to publicly proclaim their allegiance to Our Lord and King by following the Biblical directive to ‘repent and be baptized’.

— Cowboy

2 Responses to Quick Thought : Who Can Baptize?

  1. Good morning,
    I have been ask, Can just any believer baptize someone
    Can a child baptize if they say they’ve been save and baptize
    I guest the question is Does the one preforming the baptize have to have any kind of church authority or say someone just pulls their car over or is just walking down the road and some one wants to get baptize so lets do it
    or is their and kind of authority involed

    • The authority to baptize is given to the disciples in Matt. 28:19, and by extension to all disciples (since they were to come from ‘all nations). I do believe that the person performing the baptism should also be willing to either disciple the one being baptized or put them in contact with someone who will.

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