Quick Thought : On Islam

Quick thoughts are not full apologetics. They are short questions or statements designed to get you to think about the subject, and hopefully do a bit of research on your own.

Today’s quick thought was precipitated by an off-hand remark that I heard on a podcast yesterday. The speaker said that there were many Suras in the Qur’an that declared the Bible (Torah, Writings and Gospels) as the true word of YHWH (their title is Allah).

So, in doing some quick research, I found this interesting article, which agreed with and expanded on that statement.

So, my question is simple: Since the Qur’an not only affirms that the Bible is equal to the Qur’an (!) but also instructs Muslims to study and follow the commands and teachings of Jesus, why don’t they do so?

Bear in mind that there is ample historic and textual evidence to show that the manuscript copies of the Bible we have in the original languages are true and uncorrupted, so ‘you changed it’ is not a valid response.

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