Quick Thought – Did Jesus Even Exist?

Three times in the las week I’ve heard or read comments about how “Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of a man whom really (or probably, when they were feeling charitable) didn’t even exist”.

I’ve covered in previous posts the historical evidence that has lead all but a very, very, very few credible scholars of ancient history to conclude that unless you are willing to ignore any historical evidence for the existence of any person of the time period you must either ignore the vast majority of the evidence available or conclude that a man named Jesus (or Yeshua) from the town of Nazareth lived in the early 1st century and was crucified in Jerusalem.

Anyone who trots out the “Jesus is a myth” or “Jesus never existed” canard is either historically illiterate, an intellectual sloth brainwashed by the secularist fringe revisionists, or willfully ignorant. They proudfully proclaim their foolishness without regard to even the barest truth.

Pray for these poor people; primarily that they will open their mind’s eye to at least the barest truth that Jesus did live, that they would further see the truth of the Gospel, and that barring that, they would at least keep silent on the subject and not drag others down to the pit with them.

Happy Holy Days, and Merry Christmas!