LGBT Responses pt. 2

In the last post, I promised to give a few brief answers to the most common objections I hear to the Biblical worldview concerning the LGBT lifestyle. Here they are:

-) Homosexuality is not a sin.
I expect this one from non-Christians; when you deny God’s right to define sin then anything is acceptable as long as you want it to be. What surprises me is when someone who professes to be a disciple of Christ asserts this.
The Bible is very clear, as is Jesus Himself. I explained that in my first post on this subject, but it bears repeating. Both in the Old and New Testaments, homosexual activity is presented as a sin.

Some relevant passages are: Matthew 19:3-5 (discussed in an earlier post here), Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:24-27, 1 Timothy 1:10

-) Homosexuality is not a choice, therefore it cannot be wrong.
This is a not very subtle variation of the “it isn’t a sin” argument, and is far from the ‘fact’ it is usually presented to be. While there are studies cited that indicate that there may be a genetic propensity for homosexuality (cited in the link list below), not only do the most recent concur that the influence is marginal at best, there are no less than eight studies of identical twins that disprove even this theory (also linked below).

However, even if true the argument is invalid. Should there some day definitive, unambiguous evidence arise that a homosexual preference can even sometimes be “hard wired”, engagement in homosexual activity (excluding rape) is always a choice. It is the activity, not the preference that is sinful.

-) Anyone who doesn’t affirm the LGBT lifestyle is a bigoted, homophobic hater.
This is, for me, the most difficult of the objections to deal with because it usually comes from someone who is so either hurt or hateful (or both) that there is simply no reasoning with them. The statement itself shows a very high level of hate, intolerance, ignorance and prejudice – but I hear it said with a smug, self-righteous air of superiority depressingly often.

This is why I stressed in the last post the importance of relationship. Unless you can develop a relationship with that person that demonstrates the fallacy of the statement, there isn’t much you can either do or say that will achieve anything other than them completely disregarding everything you have to say to the contrary without thinking.

Unfortunately, our culture, media, and most political and academic leaders have fostered an environment that adamantly discourages any kind of reasoned and calm discussion of the issue; in fact, in many circles any disagreement with at least acceptance and preferably support and encouragement of the LGBT lifestyle must be suppressed, ridiculed, and vilified at every opportunity. We must expect to caricatured as “Westboro Baptists” and dismissed out of hand more often than not.

But emotion and opinion do not change reality. The reality is anyone who chooses to live an unrepentant lifestyle contrary to that which God has commanded is doomed to eternal damnation – whether that lifestyle is one of arrogant pride, thievery, sexual immorality, or any other that does not honor God. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that anyone can turn from a life of willful sin and become a disciple of Jesus, and avoid the rightful punishment for their rebellion against God.

Here’s some relevant links:

WebMD has an article from 2005 that outlines the (then) celebrated news that there had been discovered a genetic link to homosexual behaviour. Notice that the conclusions admittedly had not been verified.

This article at io9 from 2012 confirms that the genetic link is marginal at best, and probably inconsequential. It then cites speculation that there is a link between homosexuality and developement in the womb.

An article published in 2014 is entitled “The latest in scientific research: There is no gay gene” it also discusses some of the reasoning behind the desperation to promote the ‘genetic link’ myth.

This article from Red Flag News cites eight independent studies of identical twins that disprove the genetic link theory, and explains how they do so.