Essentials #2 : Sovereinty of God

Last time, we started on an examination of what the essential core beliefs of the Christian faith are. I defined what an essential doctrine is, and listed those doctrines that must be true for Christianity to be a viable worldview. Here’s the list:

1. The infallibility of the Bible in the original manuscripts.
2. God’s sovereign rule over all creation
3. Human depravity
4. The necessity of God’s grace
5. The virgin birth
6. Christ’s sinlessness
7. The full humanity and deity of Christ
8. The atoning death, burial, and resurrection of Christ
9. The triunity of God
10. The necessity of faith
11. Christ’s second coming, final judgement and reign.

The first, we found, was the basis upon which the others depend. Now, lets take a look at the second: God’s sovereign rule over all creation.

As usual, I’ll start with a definition of what sovereignty is: To be sovereign is to have absolute authority as well as the power to exercise that authority. In other words, to say that God is sovereign over all creation is to say that God has the absolute power and authority to rule over and act upon all aspects of the created universe.The fact of God’s sovereign rule is clearly stated in Isaiah 46:9-10 :

Remember the former things of old,
For I am God, and there is no other;
I am God, and there is none like Me,
10 Declaring the end from the beginning,
And from ancient times things that are not yet done,
Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand,
And I will do all My pleasure,’
— New King James Version

So why is this essential for the Christian faith? There are two reasons that make God’s sovereignty of critical importance for Christians. The first is that since it is clearly stated throughout the Bible, to deny God’s absolute authority and rule over all creation is to deny the truth of the Bible, and by implication bring EVERY other core belief of the faith into question.

Which brings up the second reason; the ONLY way that we can be rescued from sin and the deathly eternal consequences of our sin is by the mercy and power of One who has the power, authority, and inclination to rescue us. If God is not the supreme, final, absolute and all-powerful sovereign ruler of the universe and everything and everyone in it, we are all doomed, damned, and without hope.

One parting thought on this subject, and I’ll leave you with some links to more in depth articles and lists of Scripture:

If someone claims to be a disciple of Christ, yet denies that He is the only all-powerful Being with absolute authority and control over His creation, why do they even bother? Wouldn’t it make more sense to align yourself with the real deal? Good thing for us, Jesus IS the Real Deal!
Some useful links:

Embraced By Truth has a short article listing ways in which God is sovereign with many, many Bible passages cited.

Here is a link to an online copy of A.W. Pink’s book entitled The Sovereignty of God. It also allows you to download a copy to your smartphone or iPad.

This article contains much of the same information given by Embraced by Truth with more detail.

For those who like their information in very simple and short form, here’s a good summary from

This link gives a list of verses that speak of God’s sovereignty.

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