Quick Thoughts

Quick Thought – Did Jesus Even Exist?

Three times in the las week I’ve heard or read comments about how “Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of a man whom really (or probably, when they were feeling charitable) didn’t even exist”. I’ve covered in previous posts the historical evidence that has lead all but a very, very, very few credible […]

Quick Thought: Christian (and others) Hypocrisy

I lost count decades ago on how many times I’ve heard variations of the “I can’t believe in Christianity because most Christians are a bunch of hypocrites” argument against Christianity… and it still mystifies me how many people view it not as an emotinal objection, but a logically valid argument! As an observation, “Many (perhaps most) self-described Christians […]

Quick Thought : Who Can Baptize?

I was rather surprised that the question of who is authorized to perform baptism came up twice in a matter of a few days recently. It is a question that I’ve never been asked before! So, briefly, here’s my answer. Although many denominations restrict ‘baptizers’ to clergy, in Scripture that isn’t the case. Baptisms are […]

Thursday Quick Thought : Easter

It’s that time of year again, when the ‘Easter is a pagan holiday and Christians shouldn’t celebrate it’ crowd goes all out to convince everyone that they are somehow going to be completely out of God’s favor if they dare to call the holiday Easter instead of Ressurection Day. Poppycock and balderdash. Here’s a good […]