Essential Truth

But Jesus Never Claimed to be God!

This is another old argument against classical Christianity that I still hear rather often: “Jesus never claimed to be God” usually coupled with “so clearly he wasn’t”. While there is no place in Scripture where Jesus said the words, “I am God”, the assertion that He never claimed to be God is quite very inaccurate. The […]

Essential #9 – The Death, Burial, and Ressurection of Christ

(Note: for those of you who’ve been lamenting the lack of pictures and embedded media in the last few posts, there’s a video a the very end just for you!) I’ve been working through the essential beliefs of the Christian faith – those facts that are necessarily true  for Christianity to be a worldview based […]

Essentials #8 – The Triunity of God

You may notice that I’ve slightly reordered our list of essential Christian beliefs. I’ve done so because in this revised order, the first eight in our list now (as one of our more logically-minded readers suggested) makes a progressive path of doctrine that makes number 9 on our list much more understandable once you grasp […]

Essentials #6 and #7 – The Sinlessness, Humanity, and Deity of Christ

This time around, we’ll take a look at two of the essential teachings of the Christian faith, which are: 1. The infallibility of the Bible in the original manuscripts 2. God’s sovereign rule over all creation 3. Human depravity 4. The necessity of God’s grace 5. The virgin birth 6. Christ’s sinlessness 7. The full […]

Essentials #4: The Necessity of God’s Grace

Previously, we examined the truth that everyone is subject to God’s punishment for sin, and this time we will briefly look at the necessity of God’s grace. Before that, however, let’s review our list of essential Christian beliefs: 1. The infallibility of the Bible in the original manuscripts. 2. God’s sovereign rule over all creation […]