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I started this blog to provide a place where Warrior of Faith members and friends could find answers to the most common questions about apologetics we receive. The number of articles grows slowly but steadily – I don’t give short little cliche’ answers; this is for serious defenders of the faith. Most articles link to more in depth studies as well.

While setting up the site, the most common question I heard was, “what is apologetics?” So, here’s a brief working definition of ‘apologetics’:

The discipline of Apologetics is that of a reasoned defense of a belief, philosophy, or point of view. In the case of Christian Apologetics, it is a systematic, reasoned case for the truth of the Christian faith.

If you have any questions about challenges to the faith or difficult issues, drop an email to Curly. I’ll post an article or give a short reply as soon as possible.


A quick note about the Matters of the Church category of articles. While I started this blog to address questions often posed by those who are not Christians, I often get questions that relate to matters that are primarily of interest to those who are already disciples of the Christ. Topics dealing with church discipline, baptism, what it means to be ‘filled with the Spirit’, etc. fall into this category. Rather than dismiss these questions as ‘off-topic’ for this blog, I’ve designated these topics as Matters of the Church.

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